1. Bullet We’re one of the FIRST in this industry !!   We started way back in 1991’

  2. BulletWe have patented automated tools (the other guys don’t) ! 

  3. BulletThe  “Dominator 2 A pneumatic tool that can remove ‘CREASE’ type dents in (literally) seconds!  (watch our video)

  4. BulletThe second tool is “Glue-Ru” Dent removal tool! The ‘Glue-Ru’ is a ‘HOT-GLUE’ tool, that attaches via ‘hot-glue’, and can pull COLLISION DAMAGE!!

  5. BulletWe do the repairs here locally in Alabama, but we  sell our technology WORLD WIDE !!

we are the ‘Patent’ holders of  these (2) unique tool systems....


                                                                                different from  EVERY OTHER dent company . . .

“TEXT” us (2) photos (from 45º angles)

for your INSTANT ESTIMATE, and to schedule your repair!

spins @ 20k like a thousand tiny hammers!

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